Tuesday, July 16, 2019


We were nameless. He gave us an identity. We were sitting idle. He appointed us in a quest. We were afraid. He gave us the strength. We were illiterates. He introduced us to the Varnas and showed us the vault of Heaven. And . . . . .

It won't end as we haven't reached that deepest part of our mind yet, that is in the grasp of Him. He, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, lit this universe for us, slaying the Apasmar and clarifying our doubts in a silent language. He alone is capable to rule our minds, thoughts, decisions. In one word, He is our God. Tonight the moon will shine to the brightest with His special presence within us. Let us bow down to Him, who is साक्षात् तत्त्वमसि, Lord Dakshinamurthy. Let us celebrate the Guru PurNima, a full moon with the illumination of the most ancient wisdom.

It is said that it is a sin if one considers his/her own Guru as a man. The word Guru itself hides within it some of the greatest secrets of mankind. Only he can decipher it, upon whom He showers His grace. Nowadays there is a common misconception within people that the Guru is the one, who teaches us something. This oversimplification of the term Guru, leads people to address mere teachers as Gurus. Moreover an expert in any field, the head of a religious or non-religious organization are termed as Gurus and thus a huge mob is being misguided from a lighter towards a deeper darkness. Apart from debates people are just fighting with each other on a fake issue that whose Guru is stronger. The अन्धेनैव नीयमाना यथान्धा situation is actually happening all around for these fake conflicts. So here is my question. Do we really know whom to accept as a Guru? Do we even know the real meaning of the term Guru? Is He only the one who gives you the Seed Mantra? Do we really realize Him as God every time, feel Him around us in trying times? If Yes, then embraces to you, brother. Have a beautiful journey ahead. But if not, then its the time to think, rethink, are you still on your path?

God incarnated himself to illuminate the path to the Supreme for us. He incarnated as Dakshinamurthy, as Vyas. He manifested Himself within some of His chosen ones to guide us within a foggy forest. There lies the concept of Guru. He is the not the one whom you have chosen. He is the one who has chosen you. If you still consider Him as a human being first, you are hopeless, brother. Because the only thing you can do here, is to offer all of your existence to Him. He is the one who can take all the responsibilities of your actions. He is the one who can control and access your mind. He is the one who will leave your hand and make you fall. And He is the only one who will catch you when you are falling. It is said that if your God gets angry with you, Guru can save you from God's anger. But if Guru gets angry with you, even God can't help. Now stop thinking and start obeying. Start following the orders of your Guru. Look back. There are so many works unfinished. So many undone jobs of your Guru. Finish them. Initiation is just a beginning of the life. Initiation is the set point of your journey to serve your Guru. Initiation means giving up one's everything to the lotus-feet of the Guru. He then decides what to do with all those toys of yours.

Words are never enough to speak of Guru. Only silence reveals the mysteries. And time veils it again. Further journey through time opens up new horizons. But only with the will of Guru himself all the mysteries and secrets of this Universe unwraps themselves in front of us.

|| गुरु कृपाहि केवलम् ||

Monday, January 21, 2019

Duarsini, Purulia

Nature speaks in Her own language. Humans can understand that until he doesn’t keep himself apart from nature. But understanding of that language requires training. A training that includes internal discipline that allows the Nature to communicate. Hard to master, but the journey can be started. In the world there are certain places, where Mother Nature is so gracious that She is ever ready to communicate with Her children. In such places the format we see around accurately matches with the ancient scriptures, we come to understand the apt truth behind the thoughts of our ancient wise masters. 21st January, 2019 was just another regular day at work, until I visited such a vibrant ancient place, Goddess Duarsini Peetha, Bandwan, Purulia.
The Stream

The Parijata Peetha Hill

Way to the Parijata Peetha

Beside a small stream, the Goddess resides in the midst of the woods. Her abode is surrounded with a number of Kula-virkshas. Not very long ago, the forest was denser than it is today. The stream flows from Eeshan (north-east) to Nairrut (south-west) direction, while the Goddess faces the Eeshan direction. On both the sides of the stream hills are standing tall like the guardians of the Peetha. The priest takes the bath in the river and with a narrow path leading to the Goddess reaches for the daily ritual. The structure of the complete Peetha is so designed naturally that the sunrays never falls over the Goddess’s holy ritual stone. She, being the Goddess of darkness rules over the lands, speaks to Her children through the symphony of the stream, grants their wishes and accepts sacrifices reminding them the ultimate basic truth, blood and death remain. It is said that they are seven sisters, and Goddess Duarsini is one of them. The sacrificial stone is placed just in front of the Goddess and the animal is placed facing the Nairrut direction in the time of sacrifice. The sacrifice happens almost in daily basis. On the first day of Magh, popularly known as the Akhaan Yatra locally, thousands of sacrifices are offered to the Goddess so that the blood flows to the stream. This event is very much significant indeed. Just one day in a year the blood touches the water stream beside, just like once in hundreds of years the flow of our vital force, the Prana meets the ever flowing Prana of the universe. For that too the Yogi has to undergo thousands of sacrifices. Goddess Duarsini can possibly be the Goddess mentioned in the Devi Kavacham as the protector of the ears, dwAravAsinI. Being the Goddess of the Vyom-tattwa She is not bounded by any temple. The Kula-vrikshas there surrounds Her and keeps Her out of the sight of the people staying apart from the Moola Peetha. Though the Moola Peetha is surrounded by a number of Kula-Vrikshas a Banyan tree is situated on a hill on the other side of the stream, indicating the Parijata Peetha of the place. Beside the Parijata Peetha, Naaga Tila, the ritual place for the Serpents is placed. Decode if you can!
Newly made roadside temple indicating the Moola Peetha

the Moola Peetha

Moola Peetha Surrounded by Kula-vrikshas

Duarsini, though today popularly projected as a picnic spot or famous for some resort stuffs, is just a Yogi’s Paradise, a pilgrimage to the ancient nature. In todays world where even the Garbhagruhas of the acient deities are cooled with ACs and the Deva Vigrahas are illuminated with focus lights, Goddess Duarsini resides in Her absolute ancient glory. Not the Bramhins, the rituals are done by the Sons of the soil. Not with a pride of their authority, they do it as their duty and respects the Bramhins from their points of view. The chief priest asked me, “Are you a Bramhin?” I replied affirmative. He told, “They are our mentors. We have Sharmas as our priests.” I said, “You don’t need a priest! You are a priest yourself.” He replied, “There is always someone superior to you, my son.” It was sad that while coming back I couldn’t meet that guy, who being wise, great and a servant of the Mother Goddess Herself absolutely refused to take my pranaam, just because I was a Bramhin, a caste whom they considered their mentor. He said, “I am blessing you from here, my son” putting his hands on my head, “but don’t touch my feet”. I came back keeping a knot holding me back, bounded to the Goddess and an urge to visit the place again and again and again. A place, where tribal, folk, Aryan theories fade out, intellect is blocked. Only amazement remains, with a heart bowing down to the Goddess of darkness, forest and unexplored wisdom, Goddess Duarsini.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Lato is Plato

-- "What is matter?"
--"Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space."
--"Anyone else?"
--"Sir, it is composed of atoms, and excluded other energy phenomena such as light or sound."
--"(smiling) WHAT WE FEEL IS MATTER."

The teacher understood that he wasn't replied by a student, but a budding Master. From Him, I got to know this remarkable and quite shocking phrase "LATO IS PLATO". I asked Him the meaning. He just smiled with His mysterious silence, which meant "Find out yourself". Let us all find out what He meant. Let us enter into the empire of Lord Ramakrishna and find out that great soul, who started as a slave and become a Bramharshi, and got the stamp of NITYA-SIDDHA by Lord Himself. Let us find Swami Adbhutananda.

Before that let us go back through the space and time to Athens of the first half of 400 BC. In one of the wealthiest and politically active family of Athens born a kid, who created a milestone in the history of mankind as a great Disciple. His life was none other than a reflection of that eternal saying "शिष्यः ते अहं साधि मां तां प्रपन्नम ". In his 36 dialogues Plato proved his absolute salvation and dedication towards His master Socrates. He collected the teachings and sayings of Socrates just as M had done to compose Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita. So M has done a similar work to Plato. Then where is Lord's favored son "LETO"?

Once, there was a slave named Rakhturaam, fondly called LaTu, at Ramchandra Dutta's house. A hindustani village boy from Chhapra, Bihar, immersed in purity, innocence and dedication. The neighbors of Raam Dutta once complained about LaTu, "he steals the money, you give him for marketing". Raam Dutta asked LaTu "Do you steal the money that I give you to buy household stuffs? ". LaTu flared up. Truth has its own power. It is independent of Time-Space and Person. Like a shiny sword LaTu replied "বাবু , হামি নোকর আছে । চোর না আছে । (master, i am a servant. not a thief)". That LaTu met Lord Ramakrishna at Dakshineswar through his former master, Ramchandra Dutta, who handed him over to His Eternal Master. In the first visit, Lord said Ram, "He has the signs of a Yogi. Can you leave this boy to me?" Ram agreed. That day, LaTu came back with Ram Dutta but left whole of his existence in that small room of Dakshineswar. Few days later LaTu completely dedicated His life to Lord Ramakrishna and served, as we all want to serve Him. In the Treta period the Dasya Bhava was established by an incarnation of Lord Shiva, Hanuman. Today it is again established through LaTu. A man, who not only served God, but also made God serve him as well. Time witnessed the moments, when LaTu was meditating in a Shiva Temple of Dakshineswar, and Lord Ramakrishna, fanned and waited with a glass of water for him.  

Now, we have discussed about Plato before. But we haven't discussed what actually Plato was. Not a philosopher or the former of School of Athens is the actual identity of Plato. Plato is the manifestation of silent listening and complete surrender to the Master. He burned the tragedy pieces he wrote after meeting Socrates. "Come emptied, if you want to be complete."-- that very teaching of the Zen monk was beautifully executed in the life of Plato. A man, who listened silently, practiced with complete faith, and shone like a star. Never demanded, but got everything. Never asked a single question, but received all the wisdom. The time flowed away, roared like the surface of the sea. But Plato remained deep within it.Between the base animal clawing for money and the enlightened man's reach for God lies knowledge. And that eternal knowledge rests deep within Silence. The silence of the Himalayas have that wisdom, so do the Olympus. As Socrates said, "Knowledge is a matter of recollection and not of learning, observation or study", Plato recollected all he had once, as we know ke We all have that supreme knowledge within ourselves, veiled by ignorance.Acharya Shanka

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Navaratri --- 9 Nights of Pure Contradictions

Let’s talk about Time today. In the classical mechanics, Newton tried to define time as, “Absolute, true and mathematical time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by another name is called duration: relative, apparent and common time, is some sensible and external (whether accurate or unequable) measure of duration by the means of motion, which is commonly used instead of true time”. So Newton suggested that human mind can only sense relative time, where Absolute Time is a completely independent entity. Let’s continue the concept a bit further, which our Newton Sir skipped to describe. Think of a subset completely independent of its superset. If that condition holds true, then both the sets are mutually exclusive and that makes two independent sets; no subset-superset relation exists. So that is impossible. Similarly, Time, be it relative or not, if is a subset of Absolute Time must satisfy one or more relation with it. There comes the concept of ‘Continuous Present’(नित्यवर्त्तमान). It’s hard to think but let us try. Think of Time as a non mobile space. Time is not an entity that flows by in a specific direction. Being a perfect scalar quantity, Time provides a space in the nature where all other elements tend to change in an almost circular motion, working with acute contradiction(দ্বন্দ্ব). It’s hard to get out of this motion to experience the space that Time provides, which is why in ‘Srimat Bhagwad Geeta’ Lord said “द्वंद्वै विमुका सुख दुःख संगै गच्छंति मूढ़ो पदमव्ययं तत”. Then technically it is almost impossible to experience the space provided by time and escape the universal direction of circular movement.
Mother Nature is never that rude to us. She always provides a window of opportunity to escape. So She provided four ‘Sandhya’sin a day. There comes the real concept of Sandhya. I don’t know any perfect English translation of the word Sandhya. Sandhya comes four times a day providing the junction of acute contradictions. Let’s have a look:
1.       The UShA: the junction between night and day.
2.       The madhyaHNNa: the junction between Sun’s relative movements.
3.       The sAyaHNNa: the junction between day and night.
4.       The ardharAtra: the junction between Sun’s relative movements.
That explains a lot why people have been advised to stay calm and still during a Sandhya. Bramhins are given strict rules to perform Sandhya Vandan during these times as the frequency of a Bramhin mind tends to be more vulnerable during these four times of a day. These are the times where nature provides a window of opportunity to escape the contradictions and get into the space provided by the Absolute Time. 

(to be continued …..)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kurukshetra, The Black Hole on Earth

Think of a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape. Point it, no radiation can escape. Which means if I think about light, even photons won’t get out. So just think about how powerful that gravitational field is there. Simply it is a place where there is no escape, no turning back. If you are in, you can never get out, a trap for life. Not only that, you get dissolved in it. Though it is everyone’s dream to get dissolved in, where we came from, the Nirvikalpa Samadhi situation, but no doubt, it is a bit scary. Though we need to get that state, we are afraid of losing what we don’t even own, rather attached to it. Black holes don’t care about that. Once you are in Her field of attraction say good bye to everything else. What goes inside it, never comes back.

Without going into the exact physics of black holes we just discussed what it actually is. Now let us jump to some of our ancient scriptures. We have a Goddess named ‘Bhadra Kalika’ in several of scriptures. Sometimes we see Her emerging to accompany Veerbhadra in His play of destruction, sometimes we see Her presence in the war field along with Ambika and Tripura Sundari. Sometimes the 2nd Kalpa form of Goddess Durga, who killed Mahisasura, is called as ‘Bhadra Kalika’ having 16 arms and a fiercer form. But what Her Dhyana hymn says conveys a complete different image of Her. The depiction is quite disturbing and furious. According to it, She is the one who is darkened with hunger and thirst and in order to quench it She is engulfing galaxies. She is still not satisfied and She is hungry for more. She resides in the sky in form of darkness. The darkness, that is darker than the darkest and nothing can escape from Her or can outrun Her. Now tell me, buddy. Close enough?

Now let us come to the Kurukshetra, where Sati’s ankle fell. According to hindu mythology it is a Sati-Peetha, where the Goddess is named as Bhadra-Kalika and Lord is Sthanu Bhairav. Very well, because it is a well. The main Devi temple is built around a deep pit popularly known as Devi Kupa. The peetha-bhairav resides in a distance. Now let us analyze a bit from our perception, their names.
Sthanu Mahadev: The one, who doesn’t move, who is still. As in the universe the formless aspect of the Supreme doesn’t make movements. The energy of the movement is out of Him and after creation She moves along in order to destroy or assimilation.
Bhadra Kalika: The one, who roams around the universe and assimilates galaxies within Her. The energy which makes a still object movable, the energy of Sthanu.
The place Kurukshetra is popular for the great Mahabharat war. A war, that almost ended an era. If someone goes through the theory of that war, it can be seen that the mass destruction that took place almost cleared all the great weapons and warriors from the planet and started another era that consists of weaker people with lesser intelligence. In one word, assimilation of the old and beginning of the new. 

I always lack words when it comes to linking. Because all my words end in the facts that I describe. It can be felt in the heart of that city, that someone is sleeping underneath the busy movements of this city. An energy that causes mass destruction and engulfs galaxies is resting in that city. My homage to the people who live in that city. When I visited the place I never knew that it will scare the shit out of me. The city looks calm, peaceful and happy, but deep inside a Goddess sleeps there, who is always hungry and never satisfied. I bow down to Her. I bow down to the Goddess, who made the war of Kurukshetra happen, who Herself is the black holes in the dark skies. May She bless us and have mercy on our mistakes. I bow down to the city of Kurukshetra, an exact reflection of the Universe on earth.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Perfect Vacation

I have seen people who go on vacation on a regular basis, every year. On their return, they post some vacation-snaps, tell us extravagant stories and then continue with their same old lives. To my amusement, I don’t get why on earth they do such thing and waste so much of money and time just to show off and pretend to be happy. Even I’ve come across persons who asked me for money in the name of their children’s school fees and with that amount bought flight tickets to Assam. Now is the time to rebuild the idea of vacation.
We need a vacation, to come back to our job more efficiently. It is solely an opportunity to improve one’s self. Thus every vacation becomes a voyage; a voyage and quest of the real prospect of our lives. When we come back to our known normal lives, we will have more efficiency towards our work and a lot of stories with less ‘Me’. The journey should start with an uncertain future. The destination should be clear as autumn skies and the road towards it should not be smooth. On reaching we become delighted, blessed with the benediction of the gods. We start enjoying our arrival and the destination welcomes us. Reaching there we don’t engage ourselves too much in enjoying. We sit there within a crowd or in solitude and start exploring the missing piece of the puzzle we are trying to make. It may take time.
Doing this sometimes we find out something deep inside us; may be a vibration, a promise, a smell, a song, a kiss or a rain. We collect the piece from the heap of our memories and we return. On returning we find out we haven’t finished yet. Some works are left undone. So we wait for our next vacation to come and pray to the gods to bless us with busy days of weeks and blessed vacations at least once in a year. We tell stories of our journey, but don’t get carried away by them.
To my surprise I’ve met some people who enjoy such vacations without getting out of their houses.

Friday, May 13, 2016


A desert. A Country of arid barren land. The shower even demurs to trickle in as if some destined verdict is about to exude in! People lived just to survive. Verdure is peering as if in wait for the shower of benediction -- that too is knocking at the door. Purulia was the name of such a desert which survived with some dead inmates, where out there in the world the sons of Lord Ramakrishna were sprinkiling the drops of peace to the dead and making them alive again.
But Purulia was destined to meet the greatest flow of the world and to bring up as the center of the Ramakrishna movement in these parochial lands. Swami Shivananda ji Maharaj (Tarak Maharaj) enunciated Swami Tapananda ji maharaj to plough these lands to create the Paradise. So is this! Amidst the stoney heartless dry plateau the lotus of the Lord blooms -- the nectar exudes in for the so long bereaved hapless creatures to suck in and in for the days to come --- the unchartered land that sets in churning with the ever-flowing easily perceptible axioms and simplest maxims full of aphorism and enthusiastic acceptance far and wide of KATHAMRITA.
চরণ  কালো  ভ্রমর  কালো
কালোয় কালোয় মিশে গেল  ।
 It was a time when this parochial lands were flowered to welcome Lord Ramakrishna's sons Swami Tapananda ji Maharaj and Swami Krishnananda ji Maharaj. Two legends of Ramakrishna legacy, apart from Ramakrishna Mission, spread the Movement grandly in these areas. Here Lord beautifies himself with Polash, Putus, Simul and keeps the Ashram decorated with his perennial fountain of joy --
জাগ্রত নয় স্বপ্ন ও  নয়
সুষুপ্তি নয় বেশ মজায় ।
আপনাতে আপনি আছি
আপন মহিমায় ।।